Jaihindh International Vidhyalaya
Leading to Edexcel International Examinations - International GCSE

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                 The British system of continuous assessment will be followed. Each child will be assessed every term for understanding, skills, questioning, thinking and creativity. Parents will receive a full report for their child for each subject, every term.

                Assessment papers will be similar to and modeled on the Statutory Assessment tests of U.K. Children will be working in classes of mixed age and ability. They will be encouraged to learn at their own pace and a differentiation policy will be followed, with more able children being given more challenging studies and work sheets, and other children being provided with appropriate academic support.

                 Following the British system, children will be moved into the year appropriate to their learning levels. However they may be learning certain subjects at a level which is either higher or lower according to their ability and small class sizes will enable teachers, to set work that will be appropriate to each child.


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