Jaihindh International Vidyalaya
                                             Leading to Edexcel International Examinations - International GCSE
 ( Run by Srimathi Indragandhi Educational Trust )

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         JIVS reserves the right to change, modify, amend, alter or revise the rules and behavior policy from time to time, without prior notification. All students are required to strictly adhere to and abide by the below mentioned rules and behavior policy and such other rules and policies as maybe be introduced from time to time.


Students must exhibit politeness, care and respect in their words and deeds and respect everyone. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Student should be regular and be punctual.

There are rules set for each area of the curriculum to ensure a safe and happy environment, which should be followed.

Courtesy and good manners are expected from all staff and children at all times.

Children should be in JIVS premises between 8.30 am and 8.45 am. The bell will ring at 8.50 am when all children should be present to line up and come into class. Late comers will not be admitted into class without the permission of the Principal and late arrivals will be entered into the register.

Children can bring packed lunch.

Running around and chasing each other inside the classrooms, corridors and staircases, sitting on the staircases or on the floors is not permitted.

Students are welcome to celebrate their birthdays subject to prior permission of the Principal.


At 08.55 am every student is to be present and participate


Classroom discipline is to be maintained from 09:00 am onwards. A sense of belonging, appreciation and encouragement to each other must be followed.


Silence must be maintained and students must not meddle with furniture, electrical and other items. No physical or oral misbehavior will be allowed. Positive group behavior and healthy interaction must be followed by helping and encouraging one another.

Uniform, appearance and ID Card

All children should be well presented in the prescribed uniform - formal or sports uniform.

Girls may wear simple earrings but no other ornaments may be worn. JIVS will not be responsible for the loss of any ornaments. Girls should tie their hair neatly in a ponytail or plaits or have a short haircut and leaving your hair loosely is not permitted.

Boys should have short hair cut. Ponytails and other hair ornamentation or design and earrings are not permitted.

Piercings or visible tattoos are not allowed.

Students have to display the ID card issued by JIVS on their person at all times. In the event of loss or damage, replacement ID card will be issued at extra cost, subject to a written letter of request.

Electronic items, expensive gadgets and accessories

No electronic items, gadgets or expensive accessories such as watches, pens, jewellery, etc., should be brought to class. Mobile phones, iPods, iPads, laptops, mp3 players, music players and other electronic gadgets are not permitted and cannot be used while in the JIVS premises. It is not possible for JIVS to oversee the safety of such items and any student violating this policy will do so at his/her own risk and loss.


Team spirit should be exhibited and no negative criticism or comments must be expressed. Children love to play. Yet, there is a risk of getting hurt or injured while playing, jumping, chasing each other etc., While the necessary first aid kits are readily available and adequate supervision is provided by JIVS, we request Parents to advise their children to be careful while playing to avoid such risks. JIVS will not be held responsible for such unexpected events.


Home work must be done without fail and gotten approved by the concerned teacher. Reading books should be returned. Home work is given to encourage writing practice and understanding of time-frame required for a learning exercise.


Tests are not to judge the students but to give them practice of answering examination questions. Whenever required a student will be administered a re-test.


A leave letter should be produced prior to taking leave. If leave is to taken for an unforeseen reason, the JIVS authority should be informed by telephone and leave letter is to be produced on the day of return to JIVS.

Progress Reports

A progress report for each subject will be provided to the parent upon completion of each term.


Promotion to higher class depends upon the learning levels of the student and is not by passage of time. Promotion to a higher class is not automatic.

Continuation in JIVS

Continuation for the next academic year is not automatic and is subject to the sole discretion of JIVS. Discontinued or expelled students may not be terminated unless approved by the JIVS Management.

Disciplinary Action

For the first time of any misbehaviour relating to any of the above mentioned behaviour policies, the same will be entered in 'The Behaviour Policy Book' and/or the Student File with the Principal and a first warning will be given. On the second occasion of any misbehaviour, the parent will be intimated besides entering the same in 'The Behaviour Policy Book' and/or the Student File and a second warning will be given. For the third time of misbehaviour, suitable disciplinary action will be taken, including immediate expulsion from JIVS. Notwithstanding the above, it is hereby clarified that JIVS reserves the right to admission and expulsion of a student, at its sole discretion.


All parents are required to complete the medical record during the time of admission. Parents are requested to specify any special requirements or needs of the children such as handwriting problems, allergies, medical conditions and ailments. Should your child be taken ill he/she will be taken to the hospital and Parents will be informed immediately. 

CCTV Surveillance

JIVS is under electronic surveillance at all times.

Meeting the Principal and the Teachers

Parents can meet the Principal between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm. by fixing an appointment with the office.

Students can meet the Principal in the office.

Parents can meet the subject teachers on ?, after class hours, by prior appointment. There will be one parents meeting per term. Parents can meet the teachers and discuss progress of their children's work.

Day to day communication: The role of parents in a child's education is highly valued by JIVS. Constant and effective communication between parents and JIVS is vital to the success of our educational programmers. Parents are requested to keep close touch by using the diary as a communication link and attend all parents meetings / functions to encourage your child